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The veranda : an all-season home extension

The veranda : an all-season home extension

The use and image of the veranda are changing. This extension of the home is now considered as another living space that can be used year-round.

The veranda : an all-season home extension


The veranda, whether traditional, postmodern, open-air, or enclosed behind bay windows, is generally used as a winter garden or a living room and is often built to expand one’s living space outside of the home. In the past, home extensions have typically used wood framing. Thanks to technological advancements, however, these structures can now be built from aluminium, PVC, and wrought iron.

Verandas expand the home

Verandas can now be customised, modular, and heated or cooled with solar panels to make them comfortable in both hot summers and cold winters. They also feature glass doors, windows, and glass walls. When built by top designers, this extra living space can sometimes looks like an exotic, sun-drenched pergola.

modern veranda
This modern structure is the perfect setting for a summer sitting room and offers the added bonus of requiring minimal maintenance. © DR
Indoor veranda
This elegant indoor veranda, which wraps around the pool, lets guests enjoy the show without getting wet. © DR

The new place to be at home

An army of veranda construction specialists stands at the ready to help you build your perfect set-up. An infinite variety of ranges and materials are available to choose to suit your indoor and outdoor decorating needs. But be careful… once the construction is done, your new veranda could quickly become the number-one spot in your home !

Cambridge veranda
The Cambridge veranda, which opens to the outside, even sports a built-in chimney. © DR

The veranda, a glamorous complement to your home

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