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Versailles Statement, highly decorative furniture showcasing history

At Boca do Lobo, the new furniture collection makes history speak out, highlighting the glory of the château de Versailles.

Versailles Statement, highly decorative furniture showcasing history


The opulence and splendor of the château de Versailles have always inspired designers. Not only in terms of its architecture, the gallery of mirrors, as well as the superb gardens built by Louis XIV, but also for the chambers of the king and the queen, that have led to all sorts of free interpretations. And such is the case today for the seat collection by the Boca do Lobo company.

Making a piece of furniture speak out historically

The intricate decoration of this landmark contributed to the creations of exuberant sofas and seats. They open the way to freedom and the necessity of giving life to new extravagant pieces of furniture. Their characteristics reside in wooden structures, enhanced with large manually sculpted raised panels, featuring resin and restoration techniques similar to stone.

Versailes sofa
In this museum-like ambiance, the sofas blend harmoniously with the imposing decor. © DR
Versailes contemporary living room
This large armchair and matching sofa will easily find their place in a contemporary environment. © DR

3D decoration

Illustrated with Roman busts, mythological and Napoleonian statues, cherubs and columns, these furniture pieces are upholstered in soft and removable velvet fabrics—supported by acrylic feet. While these masterpieces are created to end up in a private living room, nothing prevents you from inviting them to become the central displays of your showroom.

Versailes velvet sofa
Blue, green...  these highly unusual sofas can be covered up with the color of your choice. © DR

The art and the manner of comfort and greatness

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