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A world tour of the wildest futuristic buildings

A world tour of the wildest futuristic buildings

A far cry from fiction, today architects are conceiving stunning buildings with futuristic shapes. Ready for a small world tour ?

A world tour of the wildest futuristic buildings


The Emporia Tower of Malmö, in Sweden

Amongst the leading commercial centers of Scandinavia, this mid-town building of Malmö, in Sweden ressembles no other. Its golden facade is the work of Gert Wingardf, spanning 93 000 m², its 200 fashion and art of living boutiques welcome 25 000 visitors each year.

Emporia tower in Malmö - Sweden
This contemporary emporium has become one of the favorite attractions for Swedes. © DR

 The Run Run Shaw Library, in Hong Kong

Drowned in the forest of skyscrapers comprising the Hong Kong metropolis, the University library was built according to plans by American architect Daniel Libeskind. And behind its asymmetrical windows hide many conference rooms, classes, a media center and exhibition spaces.

Run Run Shaw tower in Hong Kong
This building, which received several awards since its creation, welcomes 2 000 students on a daily basis. © DR

Regatta Hotel of Jakarta, in Indonesia

On the embankments of the Indonesia capital, this aerodynamic deluxe hotel commissioned its unusual design from the WKK cabinet, who conceived it in keeping with the nautical theme of the regatta, symbol of the handsome sailboats that navigate around this huge  architectural « beacon » of the Java Sea.

Regatta Hotel tower in Jakarta in indonesia
The panoramic elevators stop on each level of the building, right up to the rooftop restaurant. © DR

Agora Tower, in Taipeh

Already lived in, this helicoidal-shaped fully equipped building is the brand new ecological structure of the Taiwanese capital created by French architect Vincent Callebaut. Self-sufficient in energy, large vegetalized balconies are piled up with 23 000 staggered trees in order to absorb surrounding carbon monoxide.

Agora tower in Taipeh
A sustainable building, the Tao Zhu Yin Yuan Tower presents a pioneer concept of residential eco-construction. © DR

The Museum of Fire in Zory, Poland

With its composition and shapes covered with copper plates, resembling dancing flames, this urban UFO, recently built by OVO Grabczewska Architekci, is meant to promote in the eyes of its new inhabitants a small Polish town, whose name means fire or burnt. Mission accomplished !

Museum of Fire de Zory, in Poland
At night, this exhibition space is even more spectacular ! © DR

Changsha Meixihu International Culture & Art Center, in China

The urbanism of the future is already a reality in several Chinese cities. As demonstrated by this cultural center, as large as a city, that spreads out its conference rooms, its theater and its museum of contemporary art until Festival Island. Visionary excess !

Changsha Meixihu International Culture & Art Centre in China
 The Zaha Hadid project is begining to spring out of the earth, and to take shape. © DR

The Baku Heydar Aliyev Cultural Centre, in Azerbaidjan

Named after a former President of the country, this white post modern venue comprises a congress center, a museum, a library and a 9 hectare park. Since its implementation, it has become the symbol of the town and the place for major gatherings.

Heydar Aliyev cultural center of  Baku en Azerbaijan
The center's state-of-the-art auditorium is one of the most perfected in the world. © DR

The Audemars Piguet Museum, Valley of Joux, in Switzerland

The Danish architects of the BIG cabinet will bring the finishing touch to the museum of the famous Swiss watch maker, dubbed House of the Founders. Showcasing an imposing spiral, this half-buried architectural prowess will be inaugurated at the beginning of 2019, and will gather rare time pieces from the in-house patrimony.

Audemars Piguet museum in Vallée de Joux in switzerland
Covered with snow, this flying saucer seems ready to take off. © DR

Bund Finance Center, in Shanghai

Conceived by Foster Partners and Heatherwick Studio, this building, located at the limit between the old and new city of Shanghai, features sails in movement. It is used as a platform for international artistic and cultural exchanges, as well as events of prestige.

Bund Finance Center in Shanghai
Very appreciated for its mysterious shape, visitors come from far away in order to indulge in the joy of selfies. © DR

The Riverside Museum of Glasgow, in Scotland

Considered like a wave or a pleated mouvement with its horizontal and vertical zigzag, the facade of this Museum of Transport, bordering the Clyde river, makes an allusion to harbor architecture. Covered with thick titanium, the building sustains 24 000 panels in zinc.

The Riverside Museum of Glasgow in scotland
The creation of this super modern museum has reboosted the dynamics of the old docks district in Glasgow. © DR

All these buildings are furnished by Boca do Lobo.

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