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YO2, design inspired by a revisited antique Greece

YO2, design inspired by a revisited antique Greece

Inspired by an infinite neo-classic repertoire, where Greek statues are in the spotlight, YO2 conveys a contemporary twist to our decors.

YO2, design inspired by a revisited antique Greece

Timeless classics and a tell-tale sign of prestige when it comes to interior decoration, the mythological style is constantly renewed by the labels of international designers. An ongoing infatuation that was spotted by YO2, a Cyprito-Greek design editor that creates pot holders in cast-iron, non-woven wallpapers and carpets in both a unique and innovative style.

Antique Greece as source of inspiration

This resolutely baroque and amusing style conveys a different touch to our daily life with playful and colorful collections. They draw their inspiration from neo-classic culture, featuring an antique statuary, floral motifs or a fanciful animal bestiary. From the initial sketch to the actual fabrication, the concern with details accompanies each step of the conception—always associating originality and technology.

YO2 bust plant holder
Conceived as an elegant antique vase, this bust decorates a place by itself. © DR
YO2 Palms wallpaper
If you are going to choose a floral background, make sure the print is XXL size. © DR

Deluxe real estate for upscale clients

Depending on the living space, objects are customized. Digitally printed, shapes come in different colors. Under the artistic direction of Pericles Liatsos, as well as his team or interior architects and graphists, the geometrical motifs and more or less intense nuances bring great joy and satisfaction to real estate promoters in the deluxe sector.

YO2 Figurehead wallpaper
Featured in bright colors, these revisted antique divas have a new life. © DR

Classic passion and avant-garde creation