200 000 tulips to celebrate spring at the château de Cheverny

200 000 tulips to celebrate spring at the château de Cheverny

Each spring, the Château de Cheverny plants 200 000 multicolored tulipes to offer a marvelous natural spectacle in its gardens.

On the scenic road of the Loir-et-Cher châteaux, Cheverny ressembles Moulinsart, the homestead of Captain Haddock in the Tintin comic strip. Since the 17th century, it cultivates the traditions of hunting, sheltering a pack of 100 hounds, and it's the most opulently decorated of the region with the King's Room, a Gobelins tapestry, a clock and a Louis XIV chest of drawers in the Boulle style.

Cheverny puts the spotlight on tulips

However, it's the three gardens that will be creating the event this spring. The tulip will be queen, depending on the weather, starting end of March, beginning of April. 200 000 bulbs have been planted to form a huge multicolored ribbon. Created by 7 gardeners working on the estate grounds year-round, this spectacle, celebrating its 6th edition in 2019, sets forth a single variety of this flower, the Triumph.

Château de Cheverny floral alley
In full bloom, tulips form an idyllic live painting. © DR
Château de Cheverny multicolored tulips
No, you are not looking at naturalist painting, but the blossoming flower beds of the Cheverny park, at springtime. © DR

An ephemeral work of art

For the first time, this veritable natural work of art, showcased in red, pink, yellow, orange, mauve and white will end in the water basin of the domain's 100-hectares park. Between the sequoias and the cedars, it will offer a very unusual spectacle to visitors— 160 long and 10 meters wide. The guaranteed enchantment of an elegant springtime landscape as far as the eye can see !

Château de Cheverny dépendances
So beautiful that it's hard to resist picking them, these flowers form color spots a little bit everywhere in the domain. © DR

An ode to flowers and the return of spring