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Le Village Royal, the glamour spot of deluxe shopping at the heart of Paris

Ultimate deluxe shop-op in Paris, Le Village Royal is a glamorous venue located between La Madeleine and the place de la Concorde.

Le Village Royal, the glamour spot of deluxe shopping at the heart of Paris


A little secret, a tad mysterious, lined with old and posh buildings highlighted by planted terraces, which give it a definite vintage touch, this glitzy passageway, anchored in one of the wealthiest districts of the capital, is the meeting place for trendy fashionistas who enjoy finding their bearings here. And with good reason! They happily discover the window-displays of mythical brands showcased there, such as Chanel, Dior, Anne Fontaine, Emling, Eric Bompard or Bell & Ross.

The rendezvous of leading brands 

Here visitors will discover some of the flagships you can admire in the glitzy window-displays of Cité Berryer. Renamed Village Royal, this open passageway, located between rue Royale and rue Boissy-d'Anglas, is also home to one of the Costes Group restaurants, where refined customers take a gourmet break between two fittings. In recent years, it has sometimes been transformed into a venue for ephemeral and avant-garde exhibitions.

Secret and historical Paris

Those who are more interested in the history of this address know that it was the official military barracks of the Musketeers of King Louis XIII in the 17th century. A cantonment subsequently converted into a food market. The successive embellishments and renovations of its buildings now make it an open-air shopping center— all around it contributes to the real estate prestige of the 8th arrondissement ...

The elegance of a preserved architectural patrimony


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