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Ferrari F8 Spider: a sports car with attitude

Once the lockdown has lifted, the Ferrari F8 Spider is ready to zoom down roads able to accommodate this no-holds-barred sports car, which can reach speeds of up to 340 km/h.

Ferrari F8 Spider: a sports car with attitude


The Ferrari F8 Spider is several cars in one! Get ready to delight every one of your senses when you slide behind the wheel of this convertible, which the Italian automaker has custom-tailored for long getaways. With its 720-horsepower, rear-central, twin-turbo engine, the car’s graceful aluminium silhouette is equally at home in town or on the highway—all without backfiring.

Optimised safety and stability

The cockpit of this aerodynamic speedster features a small electronic display that allows the vehicle to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.9 seconds. With its streamlined headrests, driving this seven-speed sport coupe, which also features a retractable hardtop so you can cruise with the wind in your hair, couldn’t be simpler thanks to « Manettino », the car’s driving mode system that delivers a safer driving experience while also adjusting the accelerator.

Elegance and performance

The F8 Spider delivers superior stability control so you can tap into every level of thrilling emotion and experience. Due to its limited cargo space, plan on travelling light with this speedster, which features carbon-ceramic disk brakes and a speedometer shaped like a large yellow dial. Still, the F8 Spider goes above and beyond when it comes to comfort, elegance, and prestige, and can be yours for the ticket price of 258 268 €.

A new driving experience that is sure to delight

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