Kensa Designs, artistic and worldly sideboards

Waël Dargouth 07 Feb 2021
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When displayed in a home, the artistically painted sideboards by Kensa Designs fulfil our desire to travel.

Kensa Designs, les buffets artistiques et voyageurs
Unique and exquisite sideboards that will inspire you and transport you to distant lands. © DR

If you can’t wait to get away in 2021, one alternative is to cultivate your imagination at home. Would-be globetrotters can feast their eyes on the facades of the sideboards designed by the English artists Sally-Ann Maine-Tucker and Ken Hooks. Through a combination of rare talent and custom-tailored precision, these pieces feature a bold kind of style. The company’s restored sideboards are carefully designed and painted by hand to reflect a specific country, culture, or era.

A custom-ordered work of art

This bold style statement is a real luxury that can only be special ordered by those who can afford to make the investment. These vintage pieces have been found in antique shops, where they have sometimes been neglected, stored in cellars, or forgotten in attics. Regardless of their origins, each elegantly finished work reflects the personal tastes of their clients, who value more than anything the customised nature of these one-of-a-kind sideboards.

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Once you open it, this bar hutch will transport you right back to the Roarin' 20s. © DR

Collector’s items for aristocratic homes

Turning old items into new designs is a hot trend right now. Kensa lets art and history aficionados order images of their favourite paintings, landscapes, or portraits. Be prepared to wait six to eight weeks before you receive one of these luxury works of art—just enough time to decide which room you’ll display it in so you can enjoy it every day.

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If you enjoy Asian art, this piece decorated with a fresco featuring a pagoda is made for you. © DR
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Do you dream of going on a safari in Africa? This leopard is sure to whet your appetite. © DR

Authentically vintage avant-garde furniture


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