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Company portrait: Emilie Heeraman, the founder of EMY Biscuits

In between lockdowns, Rouen native Emilie Heeraman found the means and courage to found Emy Biscuits, her very own promotional events business.

Company portrait: Emilie Heeraman, the founder of EMY Biscuits


The love of good food can get you far, as can passionate dedication—even if that means creating a business in the middle of a health crisis. That is exactly the challenge Emilie Heeraman, age 37, decided to take up. After completing an internship with Valrhona and successfully finishing her training in pastry cuisine at École Ferrandi, a leading force in gastronomy and management, this mother of three from Vallée de Chevreuse is finally taking charge of her professional future.

A company founded amidst a crisis

Emy Biscuits transformed from dream into reality thanks to the work of this creative entrepreneur, who reports that she enjoys working with her hands much more than with her mind. She turned her half-timbered home, which is surrounded by the cultural and historical history of the city of Rouen, into her company headquarters. She also added a graphics design studio and a production laboratory and hired six employees, who joined the project with enthusiasm.

A business woman in between snacks

Ever since, the founder, who never talks numbers, has expanded her focus to include promotional events all while continuing to make pastries. From pharmaceutical companies to top lifestyle corporations, brands (whose identity she has agreed to keep secret) are placing orders from all sides for business gifts, in-house promotions, and targeted sales operations. This hard-working iron lady with the shy smile heads up her company while never forgetting to enjoy her cookies along the way.

An entrepreneurial adventure in the service of a passion

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