9 exceptional villas for rent with Le Collectionist for a memorable summer

9 exceptional villas for rent with Le Collectionist for a memorable summer

As the nice weather is upon us, we dream of getting away from urban frenzy to spend time face-to-face with the Mediterranean Sea. Dive in the collection of villas for rent and the remarkable experiences of Le Collectionist for an unforgettable summer by the seashore.

Exceptional villas for rent and personalized holidays

Le Collectionist travels all over the globe to pinpoint the most beautiful holiday houses for rent, the best services and most memorable experiences for each of its destinations. Starting from this collection, the French brand puts together entirely customized vacations. Its goal is to make your holidays an interval of pure freedom, during which you can share precious moments with those you love.

Explore the villas to rent by the sea... Head for Corsica

Riding on horseback through the maquis, flying over the coast or diving in the transparent waters of the Lavezzi islands— a wide arrray of experiences to be enjoyed thanks to Le Collectionist, to discover the treasures of this island, aka the Island of Beauty, under another angle. Explore our selection of villas to rent in Corsica, perched high up with a panoramic view on the sea.

Travel in corsica - le collectionist
Villa a Nepita. © le Collectionist
Corsica villa - Le collectionist
Villa Difolia. © le Collectionist
Corsica Villa - Le collectionist
Villa Laela. © le Collectionist

Experiences to live with Le Collectionist in Corsica

Activities in corsica

  1. Lift the anchor and head for the intricate Lavezzi islands rock formations for an amazing day of diving.
  2. Guide your mount through the maquis and reach a desert island to enjoy a swim on horseback.
  3. Sit down at the table of a small farm, lost between the Aiguilles de Bavella peaks, for a typical Corsican meal.

An escapade to Saint-Tropez

The superb French Riviera unveils all its splendour in summer. Discover our selection of ultra contemporary villas to rent in Saint-Tropez, and don't miss the new stunning experience of Le Collectionist: participating in the legendary Voiles de Saint Tropez race aboard the majestic Scottish sailboat, Moonbeam.

Villa Salin Saint Tropez
Villa Salin. © le Collectionist
Villa Tulum Saint Tropez
Villa Tulum. © le Collectionist
Villa Hanoi Saint Tropez
Villa Hanoi. © le Collectionist

Experiences to live with Le Collectionist in Saint-Tropez

Activities around Saint Tropez

  1. Hop on board a pirate ship with your kids for an unforgettable adventure.
  2. Participate in the legendary Voiles de Saint Tropez race aboard the Moonbeam, a majestic Scottish sailboat.
  3. Tackle the most daring escalading walls of the region suspended above the Mediterranean Sea.

Carpe Diem in Mykonos

Stroll in the white sinewy streets of the mythical town of Mykonos, dine to the rhythm of balaristos and allow yourself to be seduced by our selection of villas for rent in Mykonos and enjoy their mineral beauty:

Villa Kastro - Mykonos
Villa Kastro. © le Collectionist
Villa Pyrrhus - Mykonos
Villa Pyrrhus. © le Collectionist
Villa Mykonos
Villa Baios. © le Collectionist

Experiences to live with Le Collectionist in Mykonos

Activities in Mykonos

  1. Hop on board a catamaran and sail off to discover the antique islands of Rhenia and Délos.
  2. In the garden of a typical windmill, discover the traditional dishes of a local chef.
  3. Dine to the rhythm of balaristos and bouzoukis. Then hit the dance floor.

Personalized holidays with Le Collectionist