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Ann Demeulmeester signs a table settings collection for the Belgian brand Serax

Better known for her minimalist fashion style, Ann Demeulmeester, the stylist from Antwerp, explores the universe of table settings, with the complicity of the Belgian brand Serax.

Ann Demeulmeester signs a table settings collection for the Belgian brand Serax


From the ready-to-wear shows, in Paris or in Milan, to the world of decoration, there is just one step to launch a table settings collection. It's the new challenge of Ann Demeulmeester. Stylist, modelist, costume designer, this graduate of the Académie Royale in Antwerp, who participated in the creation of a Belgian fashion culture, has reconverted her talents to focus on porcelain, crystal and silverware.

A collection of table settings created by Ann Demeulmeester

She started by using these plates at home, with great success amongst her guests. An encounter with Axel Van Den Bossche, CEO of Serax, a Belgian decoration and tables settings company, very enthousiastic about the prototypes, was the trigger to create a new classic and develop several lines, without reference to a style nor an era.

Ann Demeulmeester plates
At the table, you can play with the compositions, depending on your guests and your recipes. © DR
Ann Demeulmeester glasses
Technique and elegance presided the creation of the Grace and Dora glasses. © DR

The decoration of a creator

In between mat and shiny, her Dé and RA ranges evolve amongst playful shadow and light, with shaded motifs on the edges of the plates allowing all these combinations. The cutlery and glasses take on sculptural shapes—each piece is hand painted, in China, in a specialized manufacture. A great way to set handsome customized tables during the holiday season.

Ann Demeulmeester dishes
Mat, streamlined, the cutlery line is refined and sensual in order to hold it easily. © DR

Dressing up models and tables

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