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Anthénea : the world’s first roving open-water hotel suite

Anthénea, the world’s first roving open-water hotel, is re-defining freedom in the tourism industry by offering an experience that appeals to all the senses.

Anthénea : the world’s first roving open-water hotel suite


Designed for hotels who would like to offer new experiences to clients interested in connecting with nature, exploring new horizons, or seeing the ocean depths, this white capsule is a showcase of mobile and environmentally friendly luxury design that is fully made in France. Onlookers and holiday-makers have already gotten the chance to admire the Anthénea, as it set sail off Brittany’s pink granite coast not long ago.

In the Anthénea hotel suite

Designed to look like a 50 m² floating suite with three living spaces, the Anthénea is energy independent thanks to its five, south-facing rooftop solar panels and silent electric engines, which allow it to stay off shore for long periods of time. Its circular shape is designed to make diving easier, and its central well provides natural AC in tropical climates.

Anthénea bedroom
The bedroom features a panoramic view and an extra-large circular bed. © Yann Richard
Anthénea bathroom
In the bathroom, you can relax in the bathtub all while lazily drifting across the water. © Yann Richard

A private refuge no matter the season

Featuring a living room with a couch, a bedroom with a circular bed, curved furniture decorated with stained concrete, a panoramic kitchen, a fresh water and salt water bathtub, an underwater 360° observatory, and an outdoor sundeck for 12 people, this suite doesn’t even need a construction permit. This four-season abode is surely within your budget, because it only costs 480 000 €…

Anthénea lounge
A moveable staircase leads to a second bedroom for your guests. © Yann Richard

Your ticket to new, one-of-a-kind adventures

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