From Antibes to Malaga, the Mediterranean obsession of Picasso

 From Antibes to Malaga, the Mediterranean obsession of Picasso

The Picasso exhibition Obstinément Méditerranéen puts into perspective the strong ties of the great 20th century painter with this geographic space.

Thanks to an immersive and poetic scenography, this exhibition highlights the Mediterranean influences of Picasso, from the native landscape of Spanish harbors to the workshops at the end of his life, including Riviera landmarks such as Antibes, Vallauris and Cannes. It features the wealth of the collections, the archives and photographs from the Parisian museum dedicated to the great artist.

Pablo Picasso obsessed by the Mediterranean

Until the 6th of October 2019, an ensemble of exceptional works, absorbing all the currents, will be presented in symmetry with « Picasso-Méditerranée ». Since Spring 2017, this event has gathered 70 institutions, 7 exhibitions, 2,600 000 visitors, 40 edited catalogs, 4 research seminars and 1 internet site dedicated to 10 countries of the Mediterranean Basin.

Musée Picasso Salon Jupiter
Upon entering the museum, the Salon Jupiter sets the tone of the painter's love for the Mediterranean lifestyle. © MNPP/CO
Pablo Picasso Landscape with paintings Juan-les-Pins
In 1930, Picasso created his Juan-les-Pins landscape with boats, sand, vegetals and cardboard. © RMN-GP/BH/SP

The life of an artist and a new book

For the Franco-Spanish painter, this versatile sea is both lived and dreamed. In his workshops, the books, the museums of the Prado, the Louvre along with postcards or reproductions, which he received, irrigate his culture and nourish his work even during the last years of his life. And to close this intense cycle, be sure to treat yourself to a book, entitled "Picasso Atlas of the Mediterranean"—to be published at the end of September.

Picasso the Bay of Cannes
Enamoured with the Bay of Cannes, Picasso painted this representation in 1958. © RMN/GP/MR/SP

The Mediterranean inside the heart and on canvas…