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Appart Renoma: a new hotspot for artistic clashes

Appart Renoma: a new hotspot for artistic clashes

In Paris, Appart Renoma is a place for cultural encounters and artistic collaboration that welcomes art in all its forms.

Appart Renoma: a new hotspot for artistic clashes


Maurice Renoma became a top clothing designer for the stars in the 1960s by taking an innovative approach to fashion. He then opened an eponymous combination café and art gallery along the Champs Elysées. Renoma is now converting his Haussmanian apartment, located above the historic boutique on Rue de la Pompe in Paris, into a permanent exhibition place that hosts a lively and off-beat programme of events.

An exhibition starring a pilot fish

Within the intimate and unique setting of the Appart, the « fashionographer » plans on showcasing art in all its forms, start with « Mythologies du Poisson Rouge », a satirical and socially conscious photography exhibition. This tireless traveller gives free rein to the absurdist, twisted, and comical vision of Cristobal, a small orange fish who will be roaming free of his bowl until 24 December 2020.

A new era with new commitments

Immortalised in a series of funny, sensual, tender, striking, and society-revealing photos, this small animal, as a symbol of the omnipresence of plastic, swims throughout the incredibly designed rooms of the « Souplex ». As a remnant of fossilised material, our silent witness denounces intensive fishing and defies taboos while guiding visitors through a poetic, immersive, and multimedia sequence.

Plastic artists disavow plastic

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