Architectural stroll at Le Corbusier Pavilion in Zurich

30 Jul 2019
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This summer, participate in a small architectural promenade, around Zurich, to rediscover the pavilion designed by cult architect Le Corbusier.

Promenade architecturale au Pavillon Le Corbusier de Zurich
With this mix of timeless lines, materials and colors, Le Corbusier would be proud of his pavilion in Zurich. © DR


In German-speaking Switzerland, the city of Zurich is in the cultural news with the reopening of the Le Corbusier Pavilion. Achieved in 1967, this work of art by the famous architect, who made concrete an instrument and a materiel of predilection, is a glass and stainless steel gem that sparkles with a new radiance. Placed on the grass, facing the lake of Zurich, this new museum is an invitation to an unusual architectural promenade.

A Le Corbusier pavilion in Zurich

The place literally bubbles thanks to its Mondrian-style colors, aspiring to be a synthesis or life and art based on a pattern that determines the proportions of a building in keeping with a human size and the golden number. Since its opening, this multi-faceted work and the aura of the « Modern Movement » representative amongst his peers are thematized during exhibitions, special venues and workshops.

Pavilion Le Corbusier terrace If the forms of this terrace ring a bell, it's because they were reproduced around the world. © DR
Pavilion Le Corbusier indoor room Master of space rationalization, the precursor of the Modern Movement also imposed the industriel style and utilitarian design. © DR

A collection of collector objects

With this new implementation, the financial hub of the Helvetic Confederation is less than ever the banker's Eldorado of leading fortunes. On the contrary, it has become an important destination for contemporary art lovers with leading signatures such as the one of the father of the « Cité Radieuse » in Marseille. For our greatest pleasure—in addition, a wide array of objects are presented here, which we need to discover as soon as possible.

Pavilion Le Corbusier living room While it may seem a tad austere, the furnishing of the living room corresponds to a need for fewer belongings and thus more space. © DR

Le Corbusier, his life, his work, in a museum…

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