The art of glass on display at the Schiepers Gallery of Hasselt, in Belgium

The art of glass on display at the Schiepers Gallery of Hasselt, in Belgium

Pegged to the Baldwin and Guggisberg exhibition, the Schiepers Gallery, in Hasslet, Belgium, showcases the art and secrets of glass blowers.

Until the 20th of April, 2019, connoisseurs will head for the Schiepers Gallery, a well-known rendezvous that sets forth an art going back to the days of Antiquity. An event within the event, this spring it welcomes Baldwin and Guggisberg, a duo composed of glass blower artists whose work and technique to capture light have been rewarded internationally.

The passion of glass at the Schiepers Gallery

These material geniuses, mixing Scandinavian and Venetian techniques, take us on a kaleidoscopic journey through all the aspects of this fragile material. They never hesitate to push back the frontiers in their daily manufacturing processes, conceived in their workshop, with as constant red thread the purity of imaginary lines that weave a creation.

Galerie Schiepers sculptures in black and white glass
Don't look for the precise utility of these works, their beauty is enough to make their owners happy. © DR
Galerie Schiepers crystal boat
Multiplying nuances and shapes, the gathered elements are a creation in their own right. © DR

A decorative ambiance in a crystal version

A style, shapes and colors that lead to unusual associations, while spanning a wide array of works, from table settings to sculptural, even monumental installations. Whether its vases, decorated with abstract geometric motifs, mini spheres transformed into mobiles or extravagant pieces, these works will know how to catch your eye.

Galerie Schiepers glass sculptures
Special finishing touches, a sense of detail, these collectable objects are truly admirable. © DR

Glass, a universe of transparence and colors