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Art Nouveau : Perrier-Jouët champagne opens up the Maison Belle Epoque

Art Nouveau : Perrier-Jouët champagne opens up the Maison Belle Epoque

An Art Nouveau gem, the Maison Belle Epoque opens its doors in Epernay, with the complicity of Perrier-Jouët Champagne.

Art Nouveau : Perrier-Jouët champagne opens up the Maison Belle Epoque


Registered on the UNESCO list of world heritage, and carefully restored, the Maison Belle Epoque is the pride of Champagne Avenue, in Epernay. Throughout this sober building, one discovers the treasures of leading artists, from Majorelle to Daum as well as Lalique and Gallé. Rare pieces of furniture and its period interior decoration are testimony to the refinement of the early 20th century.

Maison Belle Epoque, the window-display of Perrier-Jouët

From the ground floor to the upper level, the same unique touch. This exceptional home is the perfect example of a period that sparked a multi-faceted art revolution. 150 artisans were necessary to rehabilitate each intricate detail. The rooms once again feature mural fabrics, carpets, mosaics, curtains, luminaries, and even door knobs in order to bring back their original splendor.

Perrier-Jouet living room
Marble, wood, stainglass windows, the renovation of the living room is remarkable. © DR
Perrier-Jouet Art Nouveau
Etablished in 1811, this champagne house has always cultivated floral motifs for its vintage bubbly beverages. © DR

An elegant bottle, symbol of the romantic period

Everything begins in 1902 with a special order meant to decorate the bottle of the vintage wine of kings. Emile Gallé, ring leader of the Art Nouveau movement and the Ecole de Nancy, imagines a simple decor. Enameled and featuring Japanese anemonies, green and white, it was to become the image of Perrier-Jouët. Since, the drawing continues to showcase the colours of this sparkling upscale brand around the world.

Perrier-Jouet bouteille Belle Epoque
The elegance of this bottle pays homage to the Art Nouveau style, ornamenting all the Perrier-Jouët vintage champagnes. © DR

A hymn to Art Nouveau, with an added touch of bubbles…

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