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Artemest & Luisa Beccaria : a romantic tableware collection

Artemest, a company dedicated to luxury Italian craftsmanship, is launching a romantic tableware collection with Milanese stylist Luisa Beccaria.

Artemest & Luisa Beccaria : a romantic tableware collection


Because a quick escape into Romanticism is needed now more than ever, the online brand Artemest has called on the world’s top designers to create luxurious tableware collections. This spring, Luisa Beccaria, whose style in the fashion industry captures the spirit of the modern dreamer, will draw inspiration from fairy-tale landscapes to create the brand’s latest collection.

The unique collaboration between Artemest and Luisa Beccaria

Since the 1980s, the designer’s source of inspiration for her haute couture lines, which are admired by fashionistas and celebrities the world over, has shifted after she became interested in interior design while renovating her family’s Sicilian chateau. Beccaria now strives to create bridges between the beauty of historical items and our day-to-day needs in the fields of decor and customised service.

Dishware modelled after a bouquet of wildflowers

The range includes a tableware collection featuring pastel shades and whimsical patterns that echo the brand’s feminine style. Its ethereal and elegant design is an invitation to travel, dream, and explore the expertise of Italian artisans. The collection includes two porcelain dishware sets that feature plates, vases, and a number of tinted Empoli glasses whose colour palette strongly echoes that of a bouquet of flowers.

A way of life, inspired by poetry and nature

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