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Artisan Designer, manual producer of high-end furniture in solid wood

Artisan Designer, manual producer of high-end furniture in solid wood

With its manual production of furniture in solid wood for homes and offices, Artisan Designer rehabilitates this noble material by calling upon leading designers.

Artisan Designer, manual producer of high-end furniture in solid wood


And what if wood became a sure value once more? Whether at the house or the office, this millenial material, of vegetal origin, has proved itself with each generation, and is about to write a new page of its history for interior decoration. Such is the wager of Artisan Designer, a company born in a Bosnian carpentry workshop, some 50 years ago, and specialized in the transformation of wood.

Focus on the solid wood furniture of Artisan Designer

To make it more attractive and glamour, the company has commissioned a panel of fifteen international designers. Already famous or in the making, each one accepted to produce in the brand's workshops their collection of high quality furniture in precious and solid wood. And in order to do this, their team of master carpenters transform here the vision of conceivers-creators into a unique craftsmanship.

Artisan Designer  Shift lamps
Placed on mobile tripods, the Shift lamps are very practical for the lighting of professional studios. © DR
Artisan Designer Kahawa tables
Mounted on modulable supports, the tables are designed in a palette of 20 different colors. © DR

Precious wood and elite carpenters

They treat the trunks of walnut trees, cherry trees, pear trees, oak, ash trees, maple trees, alm and acacia, strictly with steam in order to reach an ideal color, with an accentuated texture and without compromising the structure, nor the ecological value. Thus treated, the wood is then prepared to be cut and assembled. And it's this final product that could very well find itself in your living room…

Artisan Designer Soft bookshelves
Offered in several sizes, Soft bookshelves become chameleons, meeting your needs. © DR

Wood, a natural high-end material, timeless and long-lasting