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The Atomium, national Belgium symbol in glass and steel

The Atomium, national Belgium symbol in glass and steel

Along with the Manneken-Pis, the Atomium, featuring glass and steel spheres, is the other national Belgium symbol in the sky of Brussels.

The Atomium, national Belgium symbol in glass and steel

In Belgium, there is not a single souvenirs boutique that does not sell the Atomium in the shape of a pen, a comemorative coin, t-shirt, model or key chain ! This silver structure culminating at 102 meters was built for the Universal Exhibition of 1958. Comprising metallic spheres imitating a large iron crystal mesh, it is the pride of the kingdom of Belgium.

In the glass and stainless steel spheres of the Atomium

Linked together by gangways, stairs and elevators, the nine spheres, covered in stainless steel, conceived by engineer André Weterkeyn, as well as architects André and Jean Polakrer, were meant at the origin to last only six months. Having become a major touristic attraction, it offers a 360° panorama on Brussels, and on a clear day, you can see all the way to Antwerp.

The Atomium sphere - Brussels
To enjoy the view overlooking Brussels from the spheres, don't forget your binoculars ! © DR
Atomium inside staircase - Brussels
Inside, certain parts are only accessible by a staircase… © DR

A touristic and festive attraction

Visitors come here as a family to attend the animated educational workshops, discover temporary expositions, attend a film preview, a solemn ceremony, a live concert, participate in a party or a conference. But also to taste the refined specialties of Alexandre Masson, a great chef who revisits finger licking good local international specialties.

Atomium playroom - Brussels
Many school groups from all over the country participate in the educational workshops. © DR
Atomium restaurant - Brussels
Having a nice lunch in this solid metallic structure is an additional reason to come to the Atomium. © DR

The Atomium, between technical audacity and a playful destination