August, in Antwerp, a convent is transformed into a sanctuary of modern times

August, in Antwerp, a convent is transformed into a sanctuary of modern times

Without any complexes, Belgium transformed an Antwerp convent into a modern day sanctuary to make it into an ambitious hotel. And the result is quite successful!

On the site of an abandoned former military hospital, the Augustin convent comprises five recently renovated buildings, under the direction of architect Vincent Van Duysen, who signed here a deluxe hotel project in the historical center of Antwerp. Unusual and ambitious, they shelter a restaurant, a well-being center, an outdoor pool, as well as private gardens. 

Transforming a convent into a hotel

At the table, gourmets will happily discover the culinary talents of Nick Bril, chef-owner in town of the star-studded Jane. And for good measure, food and beverages are served in glasses, porcelain plates, wood cutlery and objects created specially for the establishment— a collection filled with nostalgia, but resolutely contemporary.

Antwerp Hotel August restaurant
The restaurant offers an echo to the historical architecture of the site, while blending in with contemporary modernism. © Robert Rieger
Antwerp Hotel August recipes
Local and seasonal products invite themselves in the plates concocted by Nick Bril. © Robert Rieger

Respecting a timeless patrimony

Featuring public spaces imagined for professional, and comfortable settings dedicated to weekends for twosomes, the 44 rooms and suites of this new urban residential oasis are conceived as a timeless homage to the lifestyle of a religious, neo-classic building, but reinvented. The venue already attracts influencers, and Belgian opinion makers…

Antwerp Hotel August bedroom
A tad monastic, the bedrooms are ideal to relax, while enjoying all the codes of comfort. © Robert Rieger

A boutique-hotel with a sense of the sacred…