Backstage visit of the Opéra Garnier, a unique moment

Treating yourself to a private backstage visit of the Palais Garnier is a privileged moment that leads to the discovery of the Opera's secret soul.

Going behind the scenes of one of the most prestigious monuments in Paris is a great way to discover the fabulous history of this institution linked to music and dance since the 17th century. Whether you are a ballet or opera buff, a music lover or curious to participate in an exceptional moment, this visit ventures out into places unknown to the public at large.

Opera Garnier, in Paris, backstage

Workshops for costume creations, decor assembling, the Cabestans room diving into the machines buried more than 15 meters deep under the stage, a Foyer considered as an antichamber for artist warmup before they come out on the stage to perform. The Rotonde du Glacier, Rotonde des Abonnés and Bassin de la Pythie will finally deliver their well hidden secrets.

Opéra Garnier - accessories and couture studio- Paris
Creating masks, sewing a costume, replacing the ballerina shoes of the dancers, Garnier comprises a wide array of trades. © DR
Opéra Garnier - set the stage - Paris
Partaking in a « Backstage » scene will give you an insight on how things function on the other side of the decor . © DR

Personal astonishment and public relation operations

An exceptional moment to program in addition to a show, for a twosome dinner or breakfast. Unless you decide to make it a company project that will convey an exclusive aura to your public relation operations, by transporting you at the heart of a theater with a unique scenic implementation while taking advantage of a timeless ambiance !

Opéra Garnier - main stage - Paris
Walking by yourself along the Foyer, and seeing the main room of the Opera Garnier, the way artists see it, is something to live at least once in a lifetime. © DR

The hidden face of the Opera, awakening passions.