Bags to watch : the most stylish bags on private beaches

This summer, the bags to have will make their appearance on the most chic beaches of the fashion world. With style and in full transparency...

Furla Candy bag

As pretty as a fizzy sweet, this bag, which will accompany you to all the private beaches, can hold all you need to tan. Made from transparent PVC, this bag means no more searching for your iPhone or sequined sandals at the bottom of your bag, both safe from the sand. €250.

Furla Candy bag
Bring your bikini when shopping this bag to make sure you match. © DR

Givenchy Meche bag

Rectangular-shaped, this capacious black shopping bag, with a crocodile-like texture, proudly shows off the Givenchy logo on its straps. That little extra : a removable orange leather case which can be inserted to conceal precious or confidential items. €1,225.

Givenchy bag
One sure thing, the pebbles on the beach will be no match for this metal bag. © DR

Charlotte Olympia Feline bag

Redder than bad sunburn, this carryall bag, with a transparent design and leather details, contains different sized leather pouches for all your bits, from smartphone to Hello Kitty purse. Plenty of room left for your towel ! €930.

Charlotte Olympia Féline bag
This American brand is making its way to France, landing on the beaches… © DR

Paco Rabanne Metal ring detail bag

We expected nothing less from Paco Rabanne than pure caprice. This shoulder bag, perforated with metal rings, made from 100 % plastic, is hard to get your hands on. It is being issued in a limited edition in order to allowed you to be unique. €945.

Paco Rabanne bag
So chic it works in the luxury hotel as well as the beach hut, this bag will make you queen of the beach. © DR

Chanel Tweed Flap bag

With this on your arm, you won’t need to introduce yourself anymore. With an adjustable shoulder strap, the interlacing C will put you on the same level as the top of the top models, with easy access to your favourite lipstick. Chanel, of course… €2,720.

Chanel Flap bag
Take it everywhere, this bag is more important than your business card ! © DR