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Belgian Art Nouveau, at the Musée Horta in Saint-Gilles, near Brussels

Pegged to the exhibition « Collection de Collectionneurs », the Horta museum in Saint Gilles, near Brussels, is publishing a Belgian Art Nouveau book.

Belgian Art Nouveau, at the Musée Horta in Saint-Gilles, near Brussels


Focused on artistic and architectural creations during the latter part of the 19th century, the Horta museum is located in two adjacent buildings of the Brussels suburbs, where Victor Horta worked and resided, hence their names. The premises have preserved the essential part of their interior decorations, comprising mosaics, stained glass windows and harmonious mural paintings. They are an open invitation to discover the secrets of their workshops with the publication of the first volume of a book collection dedicated to Art Nouveau.

Everyone should visit the Horta Museum to celebrate Belgian Art Nouveau!

This volume, which will take you on a journey through the universe of Decorative Arts, is a world premiere. Willingly ambitious, it intends to renew in depth the outlook of decorative arts production in Belgium. In the continuity of the exhibition  « Collection de Collectionneurs », planned to begin on June 20, 2020—this program of publications, entitled Belgian Art Nouveau: Vision, Design and Craft, will surely create the buzz.

A book of reference featuring an artistic school 

Sold 69 €, this publication highlights the work of a group of artists from this period that lasted until the Roaring Twenties. Written in collaboration with a series of researchers from the Belgian international and university landscape, it maintains this design in the spotlight. Its pages unveil a wide number of public or private creations, buildings, houses and apartments that have adopted a style now considered timeless.

The renewal of Art Nouveau in Brussels

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