The Belmond Andean Explorer, a new luxury train in Peru

From Lake Titicaca to Machu Picchu, the Belmond Andean Explorer train runs through the highlands of Peru and its spectacular landscapes.

Forget old-fashioned sleeper train cabins that offer lots of glitz and very little comfort ! On the Belmond Andean Explorer, which is in itself a holiday destination, modernity and local craftsmanship are part of the journey. On board, the voyage becomes a moment of leisure where time is suspendeded and travelers visit the most remarkable touristic sites of South America.

Visit Peru in the Belmond Andean Explorer train

Along the Andes mountain range and the Altiplano, you will travel through Cuzco, the former capital of the Incas, the historic citadella of Machu Picchu and its snowcapped canyons before arriving to the embankments of Lake Titicaca. A memorable journey to be enjoyed from the sanctuary of your private cabin.

Belmond Andean Explorer piano bar
At each stopover, a folkloric troop welcomes you to Peru. © DR
Belmond Andean Explorer Piano bar
Inside the bar-car, cocktails are served in a chic and cosy atmosphere. © DR

Deluxe cabins and very high-end room service

In the suites, where napping on Alpaca wool is a must, each bathroom is pristine, the crafted furniture is exceptional and service is outstanding. A little further, the dining car enables guests to admire majestic panoramas while enjoying a menu elaborated with local ingredients. And after a savory meal, head for the observatory car to sip a Pisco Sour while breathing in the Andean air…

Belmond Andean Explorer restaurant
At the restaurant, the menu evolves every day in order to offer you a wide array of South-American savours. © DR
Belmond Andean Explorer bedroom
Very succesful, the decor of the suites offer a touch of Peruvian folklore. © DR

 Immediate boarding on a new legenday train.