Ben Fearnley, conceptual sculptures in the shape of playful Emojis

Ben Fearnley, conceptual sculptures in the shape of playful Emojis

Innovative and endearing, the sculptures of Ben Fearnley place the Emojis concept at the centre of contemporary art.

Art is everywhere and everything can be recycled! Emojis, Emoticons as well as Smileys, each owner of a smartphone, a tablet or a computer uses these keyboard symbols. But featuring this theme as the spotlight of a new collection is quite a novelty. In any case, such is the subject explored by British sculptor Ben Fearnley, an artist based in New York.

The Sculptmojis of Ben Fearnley

Known for his illustrations in 3D and his typographies, Ben Fearnley created his "Sculptmojis" that play with the mix of traditional sculpture and modern insignas. By modeling them, he epitomizes this form of digital communication that has become a universal language where expression takes place with an image.

Ben Fearnley Sculptmojis Couple
Stepping out of a giant 3D printer, this elegant couple is wearing aristocratic clothing. © BFD
Ben Fearnley Sculptmojis Scene
Tagger or DJ, this gilded Emoji perfectly assumes its glitzy allure. © BFD

Already collector statues

Installed together, these statues, filled with humor, are positioned to tell us a story. As in a museum, the culture shock occurs right away. Roman or Greek figurines, in marble, bronze, silver or gold are associated with objects that make them very human and collectors are already making prices climb…

Ben Fearnley Sculptmojis Selfie
This Roman orator immortalizing himself with a selfie it the most successful Emoji amongst the modern heroes of Ben Fearnley. © BFD

The arty life of Emojis