The Bernar Venet retrospective at the Contemporary Museum of Lyon

Mary Deschamps 30 Oct 2018
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Until 6 January 2019, the Musée d'Art Contemporain of Lyon will showcase 170 works by artist Bernar Venet during a special retrospective.

Rétrospective Bernar Venet au musée d'art contemporain de Lyon
Dating back to 2009, the compilation « Effondrement, Eight Undetermined Lines » is shown to the public for the first time. © ADAGP

Not necessarily well-known by the general public, yet Bernet Venet has been displayed all over the planet. The cities of Berlin, Geneva, Tokyo, Seoul, San Francisco, Quebec and Brazilia have already adopted his works, in their museums, as well as cultural centres or in public spaces. A worldwide recognition that MAC Lyon has confirmed  by inviting him to its galleries.

Bernar Venet, special guest star of MAC Lyon

The retrospective, dedicated to him, features an ensemble of 170 pieces— drawings, performances, diagrams, paintings, photographs and films retracing 60 years of creation by the artist. However don't interpret any disorder in this presentation, the bars in Corten stainless steel, volontarily rusty, are installed to form geometric sculptures with meaning.

Bernar Venet Effondrement Le Muy Don't try and find a message behind this pile of metallic beams, its monumental size says it all… © ADAGP
Bernar Venet 77,5 No, you cannot acquire this sculpture, it already belongs to a collector. © ADAGP

The sober style of conceptual art

This exhibition offers a global and unusual approach of the minimalistic plastician, by unveiling the sobre style and taste for experiences that led him to coat canvases with tar or to present a pile of charcoal, before being recognized as the pioneer of highly followed conceptual art…

Bernar Venet Effondrement 200 Tonnes Bernar Venet showcases himself in one of his works, weighing 200 tons, to put volume in perspective. © ADAGP

A sculptural show in XXL format

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