BMW C-Evolution, urban mobility with a 100% electric scooter !

BMW C-Evolution, urban mobility with a 100% electric scooter !

A new sight around town, the BMW C-Evolution 100% electric scooter is the champion of elegant urban mobility.

Your urban traffic problems are over with this BMW which is going to replace the classic maxi-scooters. Silent, odourless, the BMW C-Evolution is a beautiful beast. Beneath its chic exterior, it doesn’t need fossil fuels to master the Parisian tarmac because this pioneer of urban mobility uses an electric system, rechargeable at Autolib’ stations.

BMW C-Evolution : the scooter for the urban traveller

Ideal to weave through the traffic jams thanks to its powerful acceleration, this star scooter weighs only 265 kilos. Very comfortable thanks to its generous suspension, it has a reverse gear, its travel autonomy is up to 100 kilometres and it can reach 100 km/h in 7 seconds.

Scooter BMW C-Evolution
A more precise screen has replaced the needles on the dashboard. © DR
Scooter BMW C-Evolution
The storage is practical as it can hold 2 large helmets. © DR

Hop on and share the dream with your regular driving licence 

This scooter is the equivalent of a 125 cm3, so you can drive it with your car driving licence. Its dashboard features the latest technology with a TFT display, which is a mileage counter as well as a computer. There is enough storage space for 2 helmets in this hi-tech racer designed for a premium clientele. Starting-prices to get up on BMW latest creation : € 15 000.

Scooter BMW C- Evolution refill
The scooter is fully recharged after a few hours, without any noise or the smell of petrol. © DR

C-Evolution, BMW’s electrifying scooter.