Boca Do Lobo, Luxury Collectors’ Safes

Designed as beautiful collectors’ objects, these high-security apartment safes have been inspired by the precision mechanics of Swiss watches.

The Baron Safe

More than a simple safe, this work of art whose outer structure is made of wood and brass, operates thanks to its inox gear system. Operated by remote, it features cigar drawers, 8 watch winders, 4 drawers and 2 exhibition shelves upholstered with black velvet.

Boca do Lobo Baron Safe
All your friends will admire this in your living room ! © DR

The Black Diamond Safe

Conceived of to resemble the facets of a polished black diamond, this impenetrable bloc is the most beautiful way of stocking your diamonds securely. And why not store your watches, cigars and rare cognacs as well, to share only with those in on the secret of the gods...

Black Diamond Safe
On a golden pedestal, this safe is a secured showcase of the ultimate luxury made for the home. © DR

The Bohème Safe

Piled up suitcases, trunks and hat-cases, this safe - to all appearances homemade - is made for people with the particular refinement of the adventurer, who live an unconventional life. All this while living with objects made only for a select few.

Boca do Lobo Bohème Safe
Attention : may induce desires to go on holiday ! © DR

The Dali Safe

With a knowing wink to the Surrealist « Melting Clocks » of Salvador Dali, this uniquely-designed golden bloc is the result of astounding, minute craftwork. The crowning glory are the endless layout possibilities of this reinforced safe.

Boca do Lobo Dali Safe
To really get into the swing of things, set it up beside one of the Surrealist Master’s paintings... © DR

The Millionaire Safe

A safe well-suited to its name, this luxury safe will transport you back to the Age of the Gold Rush in the 19th century. Equipped with a rotative combination system and a secret code, its lockable drawers have been posed onto an acajou base and soft furnishing to protect all of your secrets.

Boca do Lobo Millionaire Safe
With its trash punk style, this model, also available in silver, is made to store more than your money ! © DR