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Books by chefs: gourmet ideas for your holiday menus

Books by chefs: gourmet ideas for your holiday menus

This Winter, star-studded and mediatized chefs showcase their menus in their recipe books that will surely give you some ideas for the holiday festivities.

Books by chefs: gourmet ideas for your holiday menus


Bras dans la Nature, by Michel and Sébastien Bras 

"In this book, you will discover the origins of our vegetal cuisine and the art of picking-gathering." Father and son, the chefs of Le Suquet restaurant, in the Aveyron, considered one of the leading tables in the world, tell us the story of their personal garden. Nestled in the Aubrac, one finds paracress, epazote, Mexican tomatillo, daylillies, shiso and rau-ram or Vietnamese coriander—enabling them to create recipes with surprising savours. Between local products and exoticism, we dive into the savors of 250 rare plants. Published by Éditions Plume de Carotte, €49.

Livre Bras dans la Nature
Enamoured with the rare products found in nature, Michel and Sébastien Bras have placed them on the cover of their latest book. © DR

Cuisinez - Partagez, by Juan Arbaleaz

"Through these pages, I unveil my culinary secrets with colourful and accessible signature recipes."The playboy of the Parisian gourmet scene describes here his course, his travels, his encounters and his discoveries through 130 sparkling and loved-filled recipes. From an orzo risotto to steamed mussels in white wine, a tartare of oysters in their shell, squid tagliatelli, grilled leeks, focaccia, gaspacho of tomatoes and cherries, ceviche, acidulated desserts—his French, Greek and Columbian inspirations are of course featured on the menu. Published by Éditions Marabout, €25.

Juan Arbaleaz recipe book
For a book dedication by the chef, take the direction of his new Parisian restaurant, the Yaya. © DR

Instants sucrés at the Ritz Paris, by François Perret

"My creations play the card of "intense sugar moments" to concentrate on the essential: taste and generosity. In his first book, the laureate of the Valrhona Prize for Best Restaurant Pastry Chef lives a constant quest of the best balance. In 5 chapters and 60 recipes, he revisits the leading classics through a contemporary version by illustrating the desserts of Table de L’Espadon or the sweet creations of tea time in the Proust salon. He also shares with us the secrets behind a gourmet journey in this legendary palace. Published by Éditions de la Martinière, €29.

François Perret recipe book
To create successful pastries such as those served at the Ritz, follow the recipes or go ask for advice at tea time… © DR

Les Copains d’abord, by Pierre Gagnaire

"Simple, quick and adapted to large tables, my 80 recipes will make you a master of the ovens without spending hours away from your guests. Summer plates by the seashore or comforting dishes after a day on the ski slopes, the triple star chef dedicates his cook book to sharing with friends. Terrine of roquefort, scallops marinated in blond beer, tchoutchouka, filet of whiting, frosty nougat, these hearty and home-made dishes, with a fanciful touch, will certainly surprise you—from the aperitif to tasty holiday revelries. Published by Éditions Solar, €30.

 Pierre Gagnaire recipe book
The chef, who lives almost onboard a plane to go visit all his restaurants, has come up with easy recipes to surprise his friends. © DR
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