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Bugatti Home : furniture inspired by race car design

Bugatti Home : furniture inspired by race car design

Designed with race car-worthy styling, the Bugatti Home furniture collection embodies an elegant lifestyle based on an automotive legend.

Bugatti Home : furniture inspired by race car design

The word « Bugatti » evokes a golden age in which every car was a work of art. Since the Milan Furniture Fair, the car manufacturer based in Molsheim, Germany has been working to live up to its legend. In collaboration with Luxury Living Group, it has designed a furniture collection inspired by its sports cars.

Furniture by Bugatti Home

The collection includes chaises longues, tables, armchairs, and couches. Each piece is made out of the finest material available, including exclusive leathers and sodalite gemstones echoing the blue colour favoured by the brand, which features a horseshoe-shaped grille and is celebrating its 110-year anniversary. That same shade of blue also reflects the colour of Striato Olimpico marble and the brand’s high-performance technical fabrics, which come in a range of dual-tone colour combinations.

Bugatti Home living room
The highlight of the show, the Divo model, is flanked by the Chiron chaise longue and the Royale coffee table. © DR
Bugatti Home armchairs
Once you sit down in these incredibly comfortable armchairs, you’ll never want to get back up… © DR

Maximising comfort through technological excellence

The lines of each piece are free-flowing, which recalls the styling of race cars. Cutting-edge technology combines the carbon-fibre chassis used to manufacture the brand’s cars with expertise in steel, leather, and glass, resulting in flawless finishes. For Bugatti, nothing less would suffice.

Bugatti Home bed
The built-in night tables on either side of the Lydia bed masterfully apply the brand’s style to the bedroom. © DR

Invite Ettore Bugatti into your home sweet home