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Capital tables, the Parisian rendezvous for a gourmet spring

Capital tables, the Parisian rendezvous for a gourmet spring

With their original concepts, these 10 Parisian restaurants showcase a melting pot of savors, while wagering on high quality products.

Capital tables, the Parisian rendezvous for a gourmet spring


1. Restaurant Polmard

"I want to give back to Parisians the taste of top notch meat at an affordable price." A native of Saint-Mihiel, in the Meuse, Alexandre Polmard has several addresses. In the gourmet enclave of Beaupassage, close to Saint-Germain-des-Prés, the ground floor unveils a traditional butcher shop-charcuterie, while on the upper floor the decor becomes glamourous to invite the beautiful people to sit down in front of superb beef tartares, haute couture sirloin tip and plump burgers, to be washed down with nice bottles and discuss the world. Don't forget to fill up your shopping bag before leaving… À la carte only: €60. 53-57, Rue de Grenelle, 75007 Paris. Closed Sunday night and Monday, service until 10:30pm. Tel. : 01 43 21 30 30 and

Restaurant-Butcher shop Polmard
With its mix of chic boheme and design style, this new age restaurant is in keeping with the times. © DR

2. Restaurant Masha

"I am writing a new story at this address by bringing originality and nobility to the plate." The ambition of Antonin Cornet and his chef Takahiro Matsumoto is to make this trendy place, located in the Trocadéro district, a spot of Franco-Japanese gastronomy. In addition to their exquisite sushis and sashimis, they also serve signature dishes such as scallops with an emulsion of passion fruit, a "Taka" breast of duck and a flambé lobster with Japanese noodles. Lunch menu: €49, à la carte: €70. 85, Avenue Kléber, 75116 Paris. Closed Saturday lunch and Sunday, service until 11:30pm. Tel. 01 42 25 98 85 and

Restaurant Masha
This is the place to see, be seen and to eat well, around Trocadéro. © DR

3. Restaurant Raw Saint-Germain

"My raw cooking offers raw savors and coherent associations." After delighting the Marais, chef William Pradeleix intends making all the foodies of the Paris Left Bank discover his non vegan "Raw Food". It features the same spirit with a sparse decor and an open kitchen. Plain or cooked very little, his recipes balance between colorful tapas with Asian or Basque influences, along with Made in France, to seduce inside-trackers and curious tasters, delighted to sample a Spanish ham with avocado-wasabi mousse and ceviche of shrimp with green peas. A tempting experience! A la carte: €40, brunch: €35. 44, Rue de Fleurus, 75006 Paris. Closed Sunday night, service until 10:30pm. Tel. :
 01 73 73 20 49 
and Facebook.

Restaurant Raw Saint-Germain
Allow yourself to be tempted, here the names of the recipes will make your mouth water. © DR

4. Restaurant Monsieur Madame

"This new concept combines the pleasures of the table with those of the eyes." Behind the Arc de Triomphe, this bistro with a Coton Club ambiance takes us back to the Speakeasy period. Chef Benjamin Boulot knows his partition when he serves a veal and foie gras terrine, cod brandade with arugula, panned breast of duck with orange and sole meunière. Another climate exists on the upper level that hides an emporium bustling with designer clothes, lifestyle objects and a wine cellar. When gastronomy and shopping go hand in hand… Formula: €24, menu: €28, à la carte: €55. 35, Avenue des Ternes 75017 Paris
. Open 7/7, service until 2am. Tel. : 01 83 95 06 10 and

Restaurant Monsieur Madame
Savor revisited brasserie dishes before moving to the art of living space for a shop op. © DR

5. Restaurant La City

"My menu is all about frank and contemporary savors. Orchestrated by Jérôme Vigato, son on a great chef with the same name, with Mathieu Dos Santos in the kitchen, the roof of the Grande Arche at La Défense, offers more than a panorama on Paris. It shelters a restaurant that deserves a journey through the senses. As suggestions, Buddha Bowl, foie gras royal with espuma of Shimeji mushrooms, coddled eggs with pork belly and Spanish pluma with maple syrup have convinced businessmen to make it their new HQ. We perfectly understand… Menu: €38, à la carte: €45. 1, Parvis de la Défense, 92044 Puteaux. Open only at lunchtime. Tel. : 01 40 90 52 32 and

Restaurant La City
Between two dishes, climb a few steps and all of Paris is unveiled in front of you. © DR

6. Restaurant Chiquette, at the Cinq Codet Hotel

"On the menu, I kept the classics of hotel dishes while adding cosmopolitan recipes." After working for several important gourmet houses, David Maroleau has settled in this 5 star at the Invalides, decorated by Jean-Philippe Nuel. This inspired chef produces dishes combining the best of each culture, with a tartare de gambas, a Caesar salad, scallops with butter and Char Siu pig confit on a marinière of red curry, without forgetting roasted meats, like during a family meal. A la carte: €70, brunch: €45. 5, Rue Louis Codet, 75007 Paris. Open 7/7, open 7/7, service until 10:30pm. Tel. : 01 53 85 15 60 and

Restaurant Chiquette
Here, design is in perfect osmosis with high gastronomy. © DR

7. Restaurant Malro

"With my associate, we put together a menu inspired by the Mediterranean bassin with sunny savors." And it's number 3 for Denny Imbrosi, ex-lieutenant of Alain Ducasse, Top Chef 2012 discovery and darling of the social networks, who is opening in the High-Marais a neo-brasserie surfing on the southern trend. Nominated in homage to writer-ministre André Malraux, its loft that appeals to chic bobos serves the standards of Barcelona and Istanbul, as well as Tel Aviv or Marrakech, by pushing aside codes. Word-of-mouth has been very successful… A la carte only: €50. 7, Rue Froissart, 75003 Paris. Closed Monday and Sunday night, service until 11:30pm. Tel. : 01 42 77 38 47 and

Restaurant Malro
Place to eat of the moment, Malro attracts the foodosphere looking for originality. © JP Combeau

8. Restaurant Rooster

"In my willingness to create a generous cuisine, I prepare two-person cocottes." After 4 years in New York, Frédéric Duca, 1 Michelin star at l’Instant d’Or, signs his big comeback. The new playground of this "Rooster" is at Batignolles, where in a functional contemporary decor, he serves ambitious and eclectic signature dishes, such as lamb brain fritters with a Putanesca sauce, sauteed squid with chorizo and yellow bass with panned squash. The plus we adore, service is friendly, just like home… Formula: €26, menu: €32, à la carte: €50, tasting menu, €68. 137, Rue Cardinet, 75017 Paris. Closed Saturday and Sunday, service until 10pm. Tel. : 01 45 79 91 48 and

Restaurant Rooster
Handsome materials, good products, the place has everything for Epicureans. © DR

9. Restaurant Can Alegria

"My menu goes all around the world, like an explorer of tastes." In Pigalle, inside the A la Belle Meunière cabaret where Piaf sang, Marc-Antoine Colonna throws his nets towards exotic cuisine. He favors long and generous cooking methods that preserve the taste, colour and softness of the ingredients used to concoct globe-trotter dishes to share. Roasted caulifour with spices Israeli-style, mozzarella di buffala from Puglia with mashed beets and Provoleta, a grilled cheese directly from Argentina, next to a trout ceviche with coconut milk, just like in Peru. Ready for the big voyage to the country of great eats? A la carte only: €45. 73, Rue Jean-Baptiste Pigalle, 75009 Paris. Closed Sunday and Monday, service until 11pm. Tel. : 06 13 10 51 90 and

Restaurant Can Alégria
This lively dining room stays empty only when the restaurant is closed. Reservations highly suggested! © DR

10. Restaurant Yaya

"Yaya, is the nickname given to grandmothers in Mediterranean countries, bringing to mind sharing and authenticity." Juan Arbaleaz has transformed the former butcher shop-restaurant of Hugo Desnoyez into a Greek enclave, with the complicity of Grégory and Pierre-Julien Chantzios, founders of the brand Kalios. And after Yaya Saint-Ouen, he pursues his culinary voyage by throwing his anchor in the Halle Secrétan, a cult venue near the Buttes Chaumont, where he cultivates the best of Greek specialities with top notch meats, whole octopus and an amazing fish inside a salt crust along with olive pits broiled in an oven-barbecue. Here, there plates are sunny. A la carte only: €45. 33, Avenue Secrétan, 75019 Paris. Open 7/7, service until 10:30pm. Tel. : 01 42 41 12 86 and

Restaurant Yaya
Here, conviviality and sharing are on deck for festive and colorful meals. © DR
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