Carafes and decanters, the indispensable companions of handsome table settings

Carafes and decanters, the indispensable companions of handsome table settings

Recipients of vintage wines, carafes and decanters are the companions of elegant and gourmet tables.

Whether in glass, crystal, wood or steel, carafes have always been the strong elements of prestigious tables, set for important occasions. In order to serve wine in keeping with tradition and allow the grape to offer its entire aromatic and taste potential, after having spent some time at rest in a container where it can quietly decant.

The carafe, star of beautiful tables

Once rid of the lees deposited at the bottom of the bottle, and the wine has been aired and made more supple for one hour, it is then served by the sommelier on duty. It must be religiously tasted in order for each drop to be appreciated at its right value, leading to a wide array of comments regarding its qualitative virtues.

Georg Hansen HK carafe
Typical of Scandinavian design, the HK carafe by Georg Jensen features a soft and sensual line. 378 €. © DR
Nobel carafe
Used to pour wine for the final toast, this carafe was named after the Nobel Prize, awarded each year, in Stockholm. 330 € © DR

A true object of decoration in its own right

Having become ornamental, the fetish accessory of great wine connoisseurs takes on more and more usual shapes in terms of table settings, because it needs to be in harmony with the atmospheres of traditional, contemporary or design apartments. Each model will provide your guests with a suble and sensorial olfactive perception that will allow you to become a wine expert during your dinner parties.

Organic carafe by Etienne Meneau
Adopting the shape of irrigated veins, the organic carafe of Étienne Meneau is edited in 8 numbered copies. 2 500 €. © DR
Carafe Mamba
Conceived to welcome the content of a double magnum, the Mamba carafe, in the shape of a snake, is a favorite of knowledgeable sommeliers. 320 €. © DR

Carafes, the sure values of elegant table settings