Carpyen lights up showrooms, hotels, living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens

Carpyen lights up showrooms, hotels, living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens

Carpyen lamps bring light to any living space with a stunning combination of modern design and tradition.

Seventy years of success deserves a celebration! Seventy years means Carpyen, a Barcelona-based lighting brand, is ten times older than the age of reason. That’s ten good reasons for the family brand to open itself to the outside world. Carpyen is doubling down by releasing a flurry of innovations into a highly competitive market, one made even more challenging by the fact that trends come and go much faster than the rate at which customers chose to redo their decor.

Carpyen’s illuminated spaces

The company is now run by Jean-Dominique Leze and Anthony Motard Carminati. Carpyen was a pioneer in public and private lighting solutions and has always been able to maintain the same level of energy and enthusiasm as day one. Under their guidance, the brand has switched to commercial development projects only, a move made possible by the experience they acquired through the brand Forestier.

Carpyen lamps Colette and Carla
From the Colette lamps, shown here suspended above a table, to the Carla chair-lamp, Carpyen’s designs cover a broad range of options. © DR
Carpyen lamps Greta and Sasha
When placed on the floor, Greta emanates a soft light, while the Sasha model is battery powered. © DR

The switch from standard to custom-made

Through a blend of art, craftsmanship, and industrial design, Carpyen draws inspiration from its home city, where its workshops are busier than ever. The world’s top designers can’t seem to get enough of the brand’s unique, urban style, which is as limitless as Barcelona’s endless ocean views. A definite plus when you’re transitioning from a mass-produced approach to a completely custom model.

Carpyen hanging lights Neil and Isamu
The Neil and Isamu hanging lights are designed for post-modern interiors. © DR

Let there be light… and design