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Castles, Villas and Gardens : the Royal Residences of Italy

Italy’s heritage sites, its castles, villas and gardens, bear witness to its glorious past. And these magical unique places are opening their doors to you !

Castles, Villas and Gardens : the Royal Residences of Italy


If you thought you knew Italy, get ready to discover it in all its secret splendour. Royal residences which seem to float in the air, the castles where world-changing treaties were signed, museums concealing rooms with invaluable frescoes and paintings, parks housing botanical curiosities and unimaginable fountains.

Italian Itineraries of Royal Residences

The tourism organisations of each region of Italy have come together to offer original itineraries which take you through the most beautiful landscapes of the « Bel Paese ». From Piedmont to Lombardy, and taking in Veneto, the Val d’Aosta, Liguria, the Roman region and Emilia-Romagna, they will take you on a journey to discover unknown jewels of tourism.

Torrechiara Castle in italy
In the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza, Torrechiara castle is famous for its cluster of towers. © DR
Brard fort in italy
Overlooking the Val d’Aosta, the Fort of Brard is an indomitable bastion from the 19th century, built by the sovereigns of Savoy. © DR
Villa d'Este in italy
Near Rome, the town of Tivoli is the setting of the Villa d’Este, an architectural masterpiece whose garden was imitated all over Europe. © DR

A Private Circuit of Castles with their Owners

Plunge into the fabulous past at the sites of past battles or famous marriages, with candlelit visits or gourmet food fairs in the Transalpine Food Valley. You will also love visiting medieval castles, Renaissance palaces or beautiful fortresses with a prince, a count or a patron. These luxury private tours will be enough to make you say « Viva l’Italia! ».

Villa Pisani in italy
Jewel in the crown of Veneto, the Villa Pisani, home to works of art and historic furniture since the 18th century, now hosts exhibitions. © DR
Palazzina di Caccia de Stupinigi in italy
Near Turin, the Palazzina di Caccia de Stupinigi is a former hunting lodge which hosted Emperor Napoleon. © DR
Borromean island garden in italy
On the Borromean Islands, the gardens of Isola Bella are a theatre of stones and sculptures. © DR

A tribute to Italy, eternal, cultural, historical.

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