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Caviar galore with Eric Coisel, the star chef of restaurant Prunier

Caviar galore with Eric Coisel, the star chef of restaurant Prunier

With a new edition of the first box of French caviar, created in 1921, Prunier launches its end of year festivities, showcased by chef Eric Coisel.

Caviar galore with Eric Coisel, the star chef of restaurant Prunier

On New Year's Eve, Eric Coisel will present the most beautiful table settings of his Art Deco restaurant's to honor his guests. Far from being frustrated when attempting to cook this fragile gastronomic product, the chef excells at enhancing it. A high performance that the former star chef of La Mirande, in Avignon, learned during his 13 years of practice in the Parisian temple of caviar.

Prunier, made in Caviar

At the tables of this French house, constantly reinventing itself, aficionados will be able to find the savours contained in the new edition of the first box of caviar it created in 1921. Buoyed by an annual production of 13 tons in the region of Aquitaine, the famous house wishes to finally make this prestigious delight more accessible by diversifying the different ways of savouring it.

Restaurant Prunier Victor Hugo chef Eric Coisel
As wager of quality, Eric Coisel only presents house caviar varieties. © DR
Restaurant Prunier Victor Hugo caviar on ice
Purists will always prefer to savour their grains of black gold presented on ice, in their box of origin. © DR

Black gold for every dish

While perusing the menu for the last evening of the year, you will be offered a wide array of choices between the special oyster with caviar, the carpaccio of beef filet with caviar, the Christian Dior egg with caviar, scallops with caviar, poached bass with cream of caviar, and even a caviar macaroon to end this feast on a high note. To be enjoyed with pleasant company…

Restaurant Prunier Victor Hugo Christian Dior egg
At Prunier, the Christian Dior egg and its crispy toast are a must since forever. © DR
Restaurant Prunier Victor Hugo plats
The art and the manner of presenting caviar on a dish comes with experience. © DR

Dinner for the 31st of December 2018: €235, in 5 services (beverages not included)

  • 16, avenue Victor Hugo, 75116 Paris. Tél : 01 44 17 35 85