Centre of power : the Royal Palace of Brussels opens its doors

Centre of power : the Royal Palace of Brussels opens its doors

The Royal Palace of Brussels is open to the public all summer. Take a tour to get an insider’s look at the country’s seat of power.

It’s official ! The Royal Palace of Brussels will open its doors to the public for a limited time between 22 July and 2 September 2018. The event, which starts just after Belgium’s national holiday, will let visitors explore the splendour of the country’s constitutional monarchy as they tour the staterooms of the king’s office and administrative residence.

Visiting the Royal Palace of Brussels

The stately building is made up of four 18th century private residences located along the former Courtyard of the Dukes of Brabant. The palace, which serves as a place for meetings, ceremonies, and receptions for heads of state, is surrounded by lush flowerbeds and features a neo-classical facade and a pediment overlooking a row of columns. Push through the front doors to get an up-close look at the daily lives of King Philippe and Queen Mathilde.

Royal Palace of Brussels Grand staircase
Columns of stone, marble, gildings, mirrors, and bay windows, the grand staircase is one of the centerpieces of the site. © Palais Royal
Royal Palace of Brussels Empire Room
A relic of the end of the Old Regime, the Empire Room once hosted the court’s concerts and balls. © Palais Royal

Touring a rich cultural heritage

The tour starts with the palace’s magnificent grand staircase. Walk through the Grand Anteroom to see portraits of Prince Léopold and Princess Charlotte of Wales. Next, visit the Empire, Marble, and Mirror Rooms. The tour of Belgium’s cultural heritage continues with the Main and Small White Room. Next come the Goya, Coburg, and Louis XVI Rooms, the Room of the Thinker, the Pilaster Room, and the Marshals’ Room. The tour concludes in the Grand Gallery, which leads to the Throne Room. If you happen to turn a corner and come across the royal couple, just remember that the proper form of address is Sire and Majesty.

Royal Palace of Brussels Grand Gallery
The 41-metre-long Grand Gallery, which was inspired by the Apollo Room in the Louvre Museum, is used to host state dinners. © Palais Royal
Royal Palace of Brussels Throne Room
The monumental Throne Room, which is decorated with sculptures by Auguste Rodin, is the Holy of Holies of the Belgium Kingdom. © Palais Royal

An official visit to a royal palace