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Chaalis Abbey, a flowery showcase for historical roses

Chaalis Abbey, a flowery showcase for historical roses

The 18th annual Rose Festival will take place from 7 to 10 June 2019 amidst the flowery gardens of the Chaalis Abbey estate.

Chaalis Abbey, a flowery showcase for historical roses


In the heart of Ermenonville Forest in the French department of Oise, the Chaalis Abbey, which is owned by the Institut de France, is a medieval building featuring a 20 hectare estate punctuate by bucolic pathways, statues, and ponds. It serves as the perfect romantic backdrop for a major event dedicated to the world’s most celebrated flower since ancient times.

The history of roses told at Chaalis Abbey

This year, Stéphane Bern, the French Director of Heritage—who already has his own rose named after him—will sponsor the festival’s 18th edition, which will be based on the theme « Roses of History ». Bern will preside over demonstrations, conferences, and expert talks on the evolution of this queen of flowers through time. Amateurs, expert connoisseurs, and avid visitors will be able to enjoy its scent as well.

Chaalis Abbey Grande Galerie and Chapel
Before focusing all your attention on the flowers, explore the beautiful Grande Galerie and the frescoes in the chapel. © LT et SR
Chaalis Abbey rose garden
Hundreds of varieties of roses sporting prestigious names can be found throughout the rose garden. © Laurence de Terline

An escapade with fascinating demonstrations

You’ll have to take the entire weekend to explore everything there is to enjoy, including rose water distillation demos, classes on creating bouquets and trimming rose bushes, a plant fair, a Japanese flower art demo, a naming ceremony for the « Mission Patrimoine » rose, fragrance workshops, book signings, an award ceremony for exhibitors, and an introduction to costumed 18th-century dancing.

Chaalis Abbey climbing roses
At the abbey, you’ll learn how the gardeners create their stunning flower hedges. © Laurence de Terline et Sabine de Rozière
Chaalis Abbey flower beds
As you walk amidst the bushes, you’ll be treated to gorgeous views that are spectacular in their simplicity. © Sabine de Rozière

Every type of rose you can imagine…

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