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Château de Chantilly : a princely costume ball on 21 March 2020

Château de Chantilly : a princely costume ball on 21 March 2020

In Chantilly, this fanciful evening will be an occasion to live an exclusive and immersive experience in one of the most handsome French châteaux.

Château de Chantilly : a princely costume ball on 21 March 2020

Only 40 minutes from Paris, the equestrian capital, in France, is organizing its first costume ball in the 16th century château, built by prince Louis II de Condé-Bourbon, also known as Le Grand Condé. This unique and very special evening will highlight French style art of living. All those who are passionate about costumes and the History of France will be invited to relive a legendary festivity given in 1782.

A springtime costume bal in Chantilly

Facing the Grandes Ecuries stables, whose spectacles of thoroughbreds are always stunning, guests will be transported back to the atmosphere of yesteryear. They can move about in staterooms, admire the painting galleries filled with treasures, taste gourmet pleasures, partake in dance demonstrations, watch comedies and enjoy concerts.

Château de Chantilly main entrance
For this exceptional evening, the passage leading to the interior of the château will be candle-lit at nightfall. © DR
Château de Chantilly Galeries des Batailles
 Entirely emptied, La Galerie des Batailles will be transformed into a ballroom. © Sophie Lloyd

A festive and princely evening

Each guest must imperatively be dressed in appropriate costume attire to celebrate the historical event and pass through the prestigious gates of the estate. After amusing games, punctuated by theatrical animations, a very tempting dinner-cocktail and fireworks will end the festivities—all with the exceptional participation of Son Altesse Sérénissime Louis Joseph de Bourbon.

Château de Chantilly costumed guests
The organization commitee of the evening will supply the list of boutiques where you can rent your costume. © Sophie Lloyd

€199, with access to the château, participation in the animations, and cocktail-dinner before the fireworks