Château du Champ de Bataille, the grandiose kingdom of decorator Jacques Garcia

Château du Champ de Bataille, the grandiose kingdom of decorator Jacques Garcia

Extravagant, the Champ de Bataille château, in Normandy, is the property of Jacques Garcia, an exeptional site where the famous decorator collects art objects of royal origin.

At the heart of the Normandy countryside, this ducal palace, erected in the 17th century, comprises twin buildings in brick and stone, with towers placed around a courtyard of honor. Its stunning upscale renovation is the personal work of Jacques Garcia, the decorator whose affirmed baroque style has enhanced many hotels, restaurants and apartments throughout the world.

Jacques Garcia in his kingdom of Champ de Bataille

With a facade ornamented with busts of Roman emperors, this historical monument shelters rich decors and princely period furniture that showcase a certain art of living going back in time. Its Louis XV reception rooms have regained their original volumes and are prolonged by a library and cabinets of curiosities featuring collections of Japanese armors and ancient Oriental weapons.

Château du Champ de Bataille marble salon - Normandy
Gilding, crystal chandeliers, tapestries, statues, the Salon des Marbres is one of the masterpiece rooms of the château. © DR
Château du Champ de Bataille dining room - Normandy
In the dining room, exceptional table settings sparkle during grand dinner parties. © DR

Enhanced Le Nôtre gardens

The drawings of his 138-hectare park are born from the hand of Le Nôtre, and confirm a willingness to go back to antique origins in a neo-classical setting. Gardens of  Diane, Apollo, seasonal vegetable and flower garden, vegetal labyrinths, sphinx of greenery, palm trees, their titanic reconstitution offers to visitors a stunning array. And it is a great pleasure to discover all these marvels…

Château du Champ de Bataille parade bedroom - Normandy
The Parade Bedroom could welcome all the crowned heads with dignity… © DR
Château du Champ de Bataille theater of greenery - Normandie
Between its groves and its statues, this theater of greenery is an open invitation to a far-flung escapade. © DR

An ode to passion and a stunning decor