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Château Prieuré Marquet : a guesthouse located at the heart of a Bordeaux vineyard

Known for its excellent Bordeaux wines and prestigious guesthomes, Château Prieuré Marquet is the 2018 Best of Wine Tourism Winner.

Château Prieuré Marquet : a guesthouse located at the heart of a Bordeaux vineyard


Just in the north of Bordeaux, Château Prieuré Marquet is located in the town of Saint Martin-du-Bois. This 15th century building, which once belonged to high-ranking officials of the French court, owes its name to the church nobility. Located on a 15-hectare estate, the vineyard is once again producing wine as well as offering a few rooms where guests can relish the easy-going pace of French life.

A prestigious Bordeaux home for the discerning guest

This charming setting is organised around a central courtyard set amidst forests and neatly planted vines. Interior decorators and antique experts joined forces to create a remarkable atmosphere featuring a blend of different influences. Each common area offers a new style, and the custom-designed bedrooms are fully equipped for optimal, worry-free comfort.

Château Prieuré Marquet living room
The common areas are decorated with works designed by Christian Lacroix and Philippe Starck. © DR
Château Prieuré Marquet pool
In the chateau’s outbuilding, two heated pools make up part of a luxurious spa. © DR

A premium lodging and wine tasting experience

Poised between modernity and tradition, gourmet-themed trips start with a tour of the wine cellar, followed by a tasting of the estate’s vintages, and conclude with a relaxing afternoon spent by the outdoor pool, where guests can enjoy the beauty of the surrounding countryside and bask in the warmth of the chateau’s ancient stones.

Château Prieuré Marquet suite
With their exposed stone walls and wood beams, original floor tiles, and grand pianos, the suites blend austere decor with designer style. © DR
Château Prieuré Marquet restaurant
In the Fiat 500 room, aficionados of fine dining will be able to discover local specialities and the estate’s own Bordeaux Supérieur. © DR

A chic, nature-infused stopover in the Bordeaux countryside

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