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The château of Versailles celebrates the European heritage days

On the 21st and 22nd of September 2019, the European Heritage Days will be showcasing a musical venue taking place in the prestigious Château de Versailles.

The château of Versailles celebrates the European heritage days


In Versailles, major cultural events are permanent. This fall, visitors will enjoy the 36th edition of the European Heritage Days, that will take place on the 21st and 22nd of september, to explore the prestigious spaces of the North Wing, on the theme of arts and entertainment: the Royal Opera, the Crusade rooms and the one dedicated to Louis XIV, as well as the Royal Chapel.

European Heritage Days in Versailles

Ponctuated with musical animations, a festive program will enable visitors to rediscover these different venues in a unique atmosphere since the thematic of the 2019 edition has been conceived specially for the château. Under the reign of Louis XIV, music is at the service of the king's representation, making his palace a venue of festivities and spectacles— always more fanciful and extraordinary.

Château de Versailles Royal Chapel
Music lovers are well aware of the superb accoustics inside the Royal Chapel. © DR

Traveling in time through music

The curtain will rise highlighting a scenography imagined by Pierre-Luc Charles Cicéri, chief decorator of the Opéra de Paris, in the 19th century, presenting the Gallery Battles. The visit will continue and unveil paintings with neo-classic and romantic accents, then will retrace the life of the sovereign. Musicians will interpret several famous repertoires of European music, from the Renaissance to the 20th century, including baroque music. Organ, harpsichord, violin, old fashioned flute and percussion will make this visit a real journey in time.

Château de Versailles Grande Salle des Croisades
The Grande Salle des Croisades unravels several episodes of France's history. © DR

A musical approach to visiting Versailles…

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