Chef Guy Martin renovates two palazzos in Nardo, Italy

The starred chef of Grand Véfour, in Paris, Guy Martin has set his sights on two 18th century palazzos, in Nardo, a scenic town in the Puglia region of Italy.

A lover of Italy, its culture and gastronomy, the chef of the famous Grand Véfour restaurant, in Paris, already features several gourmet addresses—Le Vésinet, the Institut du Monde Arabe and even The Brando Hotel, in Tahiti. But the President of Servair Culinary Studio, gathering star chefs and experts to raise quality standards onboard planes, had a vision to pursue.

Two Italian palazzos for chef Guy Martin

For this Spring, he found a new epicurean playground in Nardo. Having discovered the streets of this small town in the Puglia region of Italy, quietly drowsing in the shade of a fabulous historical patrimony, Guy Martin decided to renovate the two Palazzos, Maritati and Muci, which he set his sights on a little by happenstance. After this initial heartthrob, the urge to move his precious furniture there seems quite evident.

Palazzo Guy Martin interior courtyard
Nestled between the columns of the interior courtyard, a basin-pool is ideal to relax in a unique location. © DR
Palazzo Guy Martin living room 70s
The decor of the Colomba Studio suite is enhanced by the personal furniture of Guy Martin. © DR
Palazzo Guy Martin contemporary salon
In this intimate salon of Palazzo Muci, panels of framed Chinese fabrics face Cantilever armchairs by Alvar Aalto. © DR

Period guest rooms

Inside the courtyards, the salons and 10 bedrooms that shelter them, all close to one another, the works and objects collected by this culinary dandy, who cultivates a true passion for contemporary art, have quite naturally found their place. In an enlightened combination of genres, paintings, sofas, armoires, tables, bookshelves, rare books and photos are on display, only visible by the next guests, who will be lucky enough to stay here, because these deluxe enclaves will not appear on discount Internet sites. The idea is to make this upscale destination the best kept secret of Italy.

Palazzo Guy Martin vases
At the detour of a staircase, you will discover this bouquet of lacquered vases collected by the chef. © DR
Palazzo Guy Martin bedrooom
In the Gabriela suite, lamps in white ceramic by Enza Fasano are presented next to photos of Ava Gardner, Man Ray and Fellini. © DR

Inside the Italian settings of an art collector…