Citéco, the City of Economics : a unique museum in central Paris

Citéco, the City of Economics : a unique museum in central Paris

In central Paris, the City of Economics has opened its doors with a fun and educational installation and an innovative take on museum design.

The goal of the Bank of France has been to make the economy more accessible for a long time. To do so, it created Citéco, the City of Economics. This purpose of this unique museum is to answer visitors’ questions, encourage debate, inform discussions, create new opportunities, and improve the public’s understanding of the main mechanisms at work in the economy.

The City of Economics in central Paris

The museum is located in the Hôtel Gaillard, a historical monument located in the Plaine-Monceau district that dates back to the 19th century. Its restoration has only added to the city’s already stunning cultural heritage. Citéco will serve as the hub for the « Journées de l’Économie » economic event on 5-7 November 2019, when stakeholders will gather to discuss financial stability and monetary strategy in Europe.

Citéco dining room
Featuring a blend of elements from the modern economy and history, the Dining Room offers a wealth of experiences. © DR
Citéco negotiate and make decisions
Combining virtual technology with the real world can help you negotiate and make decisions. © DR

An educational, interactive, and entertaining site

Visitors can enjoy group games, interactive games, a number of educational activities, discussion and meeting rooms, temporary exhibition rooms, conferences, and master classes. There are also live events that are sure to attract a crowd. A visit to Citéco is not to be missed !

Citéco exhibition
Citéco is also a multi-faceted exhibition space and an event venue. © DR

Have fun and learn how to make informed financial decisions