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Comité George V: a fitting tribute to the sculptor Manolo Valdes

Directed by Rémy Makinadjian, the Comité George V, in collaboration with the Opéra Gallery, is paying tribute to the sculptor Manolo Valdes with an open-air exhibition.

Comité George V: a fitting tribute to the sculptor Manolo Valdes


The elegant Avenue George V, which is lined with luxury hotels, embassies, haute couture concept stores, jewellers, and high-end restaurants, will transform its sidewalks into an open-air museum until 15 January 2021. A major figure of the modern art scene, a painter, drawer, engraver, and sculptor who offers a reinterpretation of the history of art, will be the star of this iconic thoroughfare in Paris’ Triangle d’Or district during a truly rare event.

An alchemist with exquisite mediums

The Spanish artist Manolo Valdes will display ten of his works, each of which is four metres tall and six metres wide, as part of the second edition of this highly anticipated event. « Monumentales Égéries » will shine a light on his fascination for the properties of various materials, which he brings to life with unique flair. Aluminium, bronze, resin, and stainless steel come together to offer a new take on the classic woman’s portrait.

For the love of women

These stylised heads topped with crowns and hairstyles are named after women, muses, or goddesses and offer an ode to femininity. When they are displayed in public, these busts, with their refined features and perfectly proportioned faces, recall Egyptian, Buddhist, and Roman statuary and offer a nod to the iconic styles of El Greco, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, and Brancusi. For him, art is a succession and an addition to the talent that has come before.

The renown of a Parisian avenue on the artistic scene

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