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Galerie Vauclair, 19th century decorative arts invited to the table

The eccentric 19th century decorative arts of Galerie Vauclair are no longer just in antique dealer catalogues, but actually showcased for our holiday table settings.

Galerie Vauclair, 19th century decorative arts invited to the table


It's at 24, rue de Beaune, in the elegant 7th arrondissement of Paris, that the Galerie Vauclair presents its treasures in an an assumed kitschy style, table settings found here and there, to accompany festive holiday tables. Whether we like it or not, interiors with character make their receptions, anniversaries, engagement parties or one-on-one lovebird occasions scintillate with these fanciful artistic ceramics.

Festivities and marvels at the table 

More fanciful than utilitarian, these 18th and 19th-century ceremonial obects underwent an immoderate craze at the time of the great Universal Exhibitions. A trend that is making a definite comeback. At the time of standardized, sober, zen and graphic tableware, these decors convey the illusion of a generous fauna and a lush flora, which takes collectors on an enchanting voyage to the end of the world.

Unusual collector pieces 

Plates, dishes, platters, ewers, glasses, seashell sets, pitchers, table centers, oil and vinegar holders, gravy boats that look like barbotines, but also lamps and furniture in wicker illustrate the exuberance that is so conducive to the ambiances of cinema, fashion and theater. Masterpieces to be found at the heart of the Carré Rive Gauche, in a setting close to the Orsay and Museum of Decorative Arts…

The new flamboyant table settings


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