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A concert and gourmet tastings at Château Malromé

A concert and gourmet tastings at Château Malromé

On Sunday, 1 July 2018, Château Malromé will open its doors to host a concert as well as a delicious gourmet experience.

A concert and gourmet tastings at Château Malromé

Located in a vineyard in Bordeaux that’s been in operation for over 500 years, this 16th-century castle, which was the family home of the painter Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, is listed as a « Maison des Illustres » (a French certification for homes of notable historical figures). Featuring a gallery that showcases modern art every year, Château Malromé will launch the 17th edition of the Festival Entre2Mers on 1 July 2018 with a one-of-a-kind concert.

A unique line-up of great music and delicious food at Malromé

The concert will be split between lunch and dinner. The event, which will take place within this historically rich site, will showcase innovative cultural pairings. Artistic direction will be provided by the pianist Patrick Zygmanowski, who will combine music, literature, painting, and gastronomy to give free rein to all five of your senses. On this first Sunday in July, treat yourself to a truly exciting and liberating experience.

Château Malromé interior courtyard
Depending on the weather, the concert will take place in the estate’s exhibition rooms or its acoustic courtyard. © Pierre-Yves Queignec
Château Malromé gastronomy
After a musical introduction, a gourmet-themed interlude will feature delicious dishes made from local products. © DR

A tango under the stars

Between two tastings from the restaurant Adèle x Maison Darroze, guests will be treated to a concert of the classics played by Yayoï Adachi and the Trio Innova. The gourmet experience will be combined with a lively concert, a tour of the private apartments of the man who painted the Moulin Rouge, and a walk-through of the estate’s wine cellars, which will provide the perfect opportunity to take home a few bottles from this prestigious vineyard !

Château Malromé Patrick Zygnanowski
Piano virtuoso Patrick Zygmanowski performed his first recital when he was 11 years old. © DR
Château Malromé Trio Innova
In the evening, Trio Innova will revisit the most successful pieces of the Argentine composer Astor Piazzola. © DR

Experience great food and music at Château Malromé