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Considered as an Italian Versailles, the Venaria Reale reopens its doors

In the Piedmont region, the colossal Venaria Reale project is about to be completed in order to greet the eager visitors of this Italian Versailles.

Considered as an Italian Versailles, the Venaria Reale reopens its doors


There are many reasons to discover the infinite architectural and cultural patrimony of Italy and this Spring, a spectacular and prestigious landmark is back in the brochures and touristic guides of the region around Turin. The Venaria palace, former royal residence on UNESCO's World Heritage list, will once again be able to dazzle its visitors.

Venaria Reale, the Made in Italy Versailles

Comparable by its size and structure to the château of Versailles, it comprises majestic reception rooms, an important art collection, while offering several spaces for temporary exhibitions. The handsome edifice, built by architect Amedeo di Castellamonte, was conceived initially to welcome the hunting parties of Duke Charles-Emmanuel II, comprises several towers linked to one another by a long and wide gallery.

Venaria Reale the main gallery
Harmonious and well-proportioned, the Main Gallery is an 18th-century decorative masterpiece. © VR
Venaria Reale ceiling room
Enhanced by a superb vault with hunt-related stuccos and frescoes, the Salon of Diana was used for receptions. © VR

The enhancement of a unique patrimony

Behind its renovated facades, the trompe-l'œil frescoes are spectacular. The exterior is also exceptional. To be noted, an impressive main courtyard, the tower known as the Clock, flower beds, fountains, including the one of Hercules, a church, a belvedere, an orangery, stables and an outdoor theater. This summer, the site will be part of the must-go visits in the transalpine peninsula.

Venaria Reale gardens
Dialogue between old and new shapes, the gardens are up to par with those of Versailles. © VR

Renaissance of a historical European cultural site

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