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Consoles in sculpted wood, the baroque decorating spirit

Consoles in sculpted wood, the baroque decorating spirit

In massive sculpted wood, consoles with a baroque spirit offer a wide array of decorating ideas for modern or classic interiors.

Consoles in sculpted wood, the baroque decorating spirit

In the history of French furniture, the console in sculpted wood, placed alongside a wall at the entrance of houses or apartments, was used as receptacle for a set of keys, postal mail and the most diverse objects. It was then dedicated to receiving dishes and food waiting to be served at the table, finally winning its letters of nobility as a piece of furniture in its own right.

The baroque spirit of consoles in sculpted wood

Today, the most handsome pieces presented on the decoration market can be worth small fortunes. Although a hundred years old, their baroque style with gold and patinated finishing details, created by outstanding craftsman, is more modern than ever in a living room, an entrance or a bedroom and those who acquire these art pieces with a timeless elegance admire them constantly.

Coordinated console, mirror and armchairs
Coordinating the same styles for the console, the miror and armchairs of a living room reveals great taste . © DR
Console and miroir in golden wood
It's by admiring this masterpiece that you will realize the excellence of its craftsmanship. © DR

Personalisation of an antique reproduction

At their foot, amateurs of these antique reproductions in solid wood engrave a logo, their initials or family crest on the mouldings minutely created to definitely personalize their imprint on these small marvels, often placed in front of a vanity or a decorative mirror. No need to live in a château to treat yourself to a console in a baroque spirit…

baroque console and silver miror
The mix of gold and silver conveys a more airy side to this living room, furnished in the regal 17th century sytle. © DR