Copenhagen Light Festival, the art of illuminations made in Danemark

Copenhagen Light Festival, the art of illuminations made in Danemark

From the 1st to the 24th of February, the city of Copenhagen, in Denmark, will be highlighted each evening by its Light Festival where art and illuminations invade all the districts.

Don't expect spectacular fireworks or blinding laser games during this Scandinavian event. The monuments, the parks, the harbor, the roofs of houses and train stations will be subtly lit during the second edition of this festival, organized by lighting specialists. In the Danish capital, they will illuminate 40 sites, open every evening to the public.

The Copenhagen Festival of Lights in Denmark

Artists in the field of theater, cinema, television, architecture or the implementation of light installations with an international scope, they will enhance each site surrounded by a bright rainbow. It will even be possible to enjoy a special visit with a guide, on bicycle, on foot, aboard a Segway, a kayak, or by boat along the canals.

Copenhagen Light Festival boat
Looking out from the harbor, yachts and sailships are front row to take advantage of the spectacle. © DR
Copenhagen Light Festival basin
Between reality and science-fiction, luminous bulbs float on the city's basins. © DR

A VIP for the show

Amongst the most spectacular, Eternal Sundown, on Kalvebod Bolge, Elementa, next to the train station, Windows of Light, in the church of Nikolaj, as well as the facade of the DGI-Byen building—all these venues will truly appeal to romantic selfie lovers. In order to get around more easily, download the app "Within 10 Minutes Copenhagen Light Festival,"—it's the VIP of the festivities…

Copenhagen Light Festival pont
As the evening moves on, bright overtones evolve on the bridges that are transformed into artistic scenes. © DR

Allow the light to enter, in Copenhagen…